OVERGROW the Government

I am selling  plant trios that were started from seeds in December. Tomato and basil plants are great for container gardening and taste great together too! Tomato and basil are one of the easiest types of plants to save seeds from. So keep it going year after year!
 Here are the following strains:

Organic Tomato, basil and opal basil plants trio. Baker's creek seeds - $10 
We don't need to "OVERTHROW" the government, we just need to "OUTGROW" the current mindset that we can't support ourselves w/o them... Hence "OVERGROW" the government. ;) Local economies can support themselves if we ALL join together!
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In a day before supermarkets, domestic success required a diversified group of people, plants, and animals working in harmony." ~Joel Salatin~
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